VVDI MB Tool change km in dashboard

Here are some tips on how to use vvdi mb bga tool to repair dashboard KM and change km.

Mercedes models that vvdi mb tool supports:

  1. C(W204), GLK(X204), CLK(W207), E(W212), SLS(W197), CLS(W218)
    2. R-Class(W251), GL(X164), ML(W164)
    3. E-Class(W211), CLS(W219)
    4. S-Class(W221), CL(216)
    5. W166, W172, W246, W231
    6. W205

Special notes for some models:

* W204, W207, W212…and S-Class(W221), CL(216):

If you want block KM synchronization between EZS and dashboard, you need backup CGW(Gateway) EEPROM and FLASH before write KM

* S-Class(W221), CL(216):

To block KM synchronization requires update Gateway FLASH and EEPROM. You can provide the FLASH and EEPROM that you have. If you don’t provide these files. We will use the FALSH and EEPROM from Gateway, only need some time to read it

* W166, W172, W246, W231 and W205:

these 2 types only support change KM in dashboard. Don’t support block KM synchronization between EZS and dashboard. You can install extra CAN filter yourself or erase EIS


This function only use for KM repair, please follow the local legislation

Reference of Reading/Writing CGW(ZGW):
vvdi mb tool supports Reading/Writing gateway EEPROM and FLASH completely.

Type 1: A-Class (W169), B-Class (W245), GL (X164), E-Class (W211), ML (W164), CLS (W219), SLK, SLR, SMART
Type 1 support read/write EEPROM and FLASH. FLASH have 2 options,one is 29F400 with 512K, another one is 29F800 with 1M. We can’t detect the specify type via OBDII, so you need select the type manually. And type 1 support change VIN

Type 2: C-Class (W204), CLK (W207), GLK (X204), E-Class (W212), SLS (W197), CLS (W218)

Type 2 support read /write EEPROM, but for FALSH, only support read

Type 3: S-Class (W221), CL (W216)

Type 3 support read/write EEPROM and FALSH 

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