VVDI MB BGA Tool V2.1.1 software Free Download

Xhorse VVDI Benz VVDI MB TOOL BGA key programmer latest software update to V2.1.1,Here share Free Download link for everyone.










Software version:V2.1.1

Firmware version:V2.1.1

Free Download:
password 123456

VVDI MB TOOL latest software version V2.1.1 update:
*** Require firmware V2.1.1
===== BENZ V2.1.1 =====
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.1.1, software v2.1.1
2. Add connection diagram for new NEC key adaptor
3. Support repair W204 ESL fatal error and repair old motorola ELV. you need buy an extra adaptor for ESL
4. Bugfix

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Benz key programmer user manual
Customer Feedback of VVDI MB BGA Tool:
I test password from 212 new model super
good tool need pay 2 tokens
need 10 min all ok

Do you have see video of this tool?
They say can do all key lost on w212.
No tool can do it even Mehaco or nec pro51.

w212 eis on video, sure it can.. mehaco/mercedesinstrument can do all keys lost on w212.. the option is availible a few months..

I try to collect list of OK and K.O. experiences with IR pass reading with VVDI BGA TOOL
W210: EIS/EZS A208.545.01.08 – MCU ??? -read PSW IR – not successful
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.02.08 – MCU 1D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.03.08 – MCU 1D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.00.08 – MCU 0D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W215: EIS/EZS A215.545.00.08 – MCU 0D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W215: EIS/EZS A215.545.08.08 – MCU 1L85D – read PSW IR – not successful
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 – MCU ??? – read PSW IR – OK
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 – MCU 1J35D – read PSW – OK
W203: EIS/EZS A209.545.09.08 – MCU 1L85D – read PSW IR – not successful
W220: EIS/EZS A215.545.02.08 – MCU ??? – read PSW IR – OK
W220:EIS/EZS A215.545.00.08 – MCU 1D69J read PSW IR – not successfulW639: EIS/EZS A639.545.05.08 – MCU 2x 1L02Y – read PSW IR – not successful
W639: EIS/EZS A639.545.09.08 – MCU 0L01Y – read PSW IR/OBD – not successful
I Can guarantee it will not read ANY WITH HC05
1D69J/0D69J cannot be read by IR alone – A calculation with kline is possible.
read a w203 A203.545.05.08 with mask 1J35d password ok
W203 IES 203 545 05 08 read PSW IR OK
W 220 IES 215 545 02 08 read PSW IR – OK

Only support parts of HC05, HC08 motorola eis(K line), if cannot support will show error, need to remove eis get eeprom. we have tested W215 ok, but not means all W215 can support. in fact only support parts of this type.

please refer to change W204 esl steps:
ESL: Clear TP, Renew ESL(need erase password)
EIS: Renew EIS(need password & erase password)
Write EIS data back, then Personalize W204ESL 

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