What does the JLR VCM 2 for Land Rover do?

The JLR VCM2 for Land Rover connects directly to the vehicle OBDII (diagnostic) connector and then to a laptop via a USB cable for use with SDD.


Once the J2534 DLL files are loaded, this product will allow normal operation with the JLR SDD diagnostic tool.

The device is designed as a replacement pass-through vehicle communications device that can be used for the majority of the JLR SDD diagnostic applications.

Only SCP communications are not possible with this device.

Notice: If you want to do the programming, you need JLR Online account. Some functions may need JLR account to work online directly. We are not able to offer that account, please notice this before place order.

The Defferent Main Board Of V142 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover SDD SP205/SP116

There two kinds of V142 JLR Mangoose Pro SDD on our website,the item number is SP205 and SP116.

Both of the product’s function is almost the some,but why the price is different?

YES! The answer is Main Board.

Let’s have a see the two pictures of the board:

The SP205 Main Board

V142 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover SDD-pic-1-ESobd2

The SP116 Main Board

V142 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover SDD-pic-2-ESobd2

We can see the chips of SP205 is more then SP116,as one of our regular customer said,the board of SP205 has more security features,overvoltage reducers,
so it should work more stabel then SP116.That’s why the price is higher than it.

If you have other good ideals,please tell us,and we will let more customer more what you find.