How to update BMW ICOM firmware to V1.40?

BMW ICOM firmware to V1.40 steps:

1.Download BMW ICOM V1.40 firmware update file

2. Please connect BMW ICOM A2 with computer using internet cable, power ICOM by 12V power adapter or from 1x DLC

3. Unzip ICOM FW v1.40 upgrade files.

4. Open IE Internet Explorer, enter address if you update Perfect version BMW ICOM, log in with

username: root

password: NZY1150263
PS: to upgrade common version ICOM A2 A1, browse and the next steps are the same.

6. Click “Update Firmware”, you will see ICOM firmware version information.

7. Click “Browse” to select file “ICOM-BootImage-01-25-02.bin”, set image type as “SYSTEM”, click “Send the file”.

8. When it pops up “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”, then ICOM indicator light will turn red.

9. When it pops up “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful”, click “Update Firmware”.

10. Choose “ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-40-05.bin”, set image type as “APPLICATION”, click “Send the file”, it will spend several minutes since the file is a little bit large.

11. When it pops up “Write the image file to the flash?” click “Yes”, then the ICOM indicator light will turn red for the second times.

12. When it finish upgrading, click “reboot”.

13. Click “Home” – “Update Firmware”, you will find ICOM A2 firmware update to the newest version:
Current SYSTEM IMAGE version: 01.25.02
Current APPLICATION IMAGE version: 01.40.05

Additional Note:
Please be sure your computer is to obtain IP address automatically.

ICOM A2 Network Connection Setup User Manual

This is all about network connection (wired or wireless) setup for ICOM A2 diagnosis with ISTA+ or programming with ISTA/P. All situations you may encounter are solved here.

*****Part 1 Wired connection when ISTA-P programming
it’s better to use Lan cable to connect to network instead of wifi, for wifi is not stable sometime and cannot start programs ISTA-P (ISS-NEXT)

how to connect to network via Lan cable?
method 1: PC – router – ICOM
connect PC to the router, then connect ICOM to router
method 2: ICOM – PC
Directly connect ICOM emulator to PC
*****Part 2 Wireless/WiFi connection when ISTA+ diagnostics
you can use wifi during diagnosis with ISTA+. but sometimes, the connection will be cut off automatically and program prompts you to continue connection

Wlan settings
go to ICOM Configuration Manger, and select Wlan settings-> Security type:WPA2 personal. the password should be the same with that of router. then save data and unplug and re-plug the Lan cable to connect to icom. it is impossible to diagnose via wifi if password is not set
(NOTE: this is not for USB WiFi; USB wifi comes with password and router setup)

what to do if WIFI fails to connect?
1.go to VCI settings, then select “HO-ICOM/NET”, NOT Ediabas Itool Radar to change ICOM IP address
3.find out IP address:
4.then go to “Confort Module” to change ip

how to solve “Reserved”
during diagnosis, if the state is “Reserved”, it means the program is occupied. to exit the program illegally should be remain Reserved and cannot go to diagnostics.

when you meet with “Reserved”, please unplug the ICOM mux or close at Easyconnect, then “Reserved” turn to be “Free”.

go to Easyconnect Utility to set IP address:, Mode: DiagBus, then click “ICOM Lock” and “Check” to check the battery voltage and ignition

how to solve “Firmware”
if the state displays “Firmware”, it means the ICOM firmware need to be updated
Steps to update China ICOM firmware:
1). Use your cable and connect ICOM to port
2). Power ICOM by 12V power adapter or from 1x DLC
3). Use your browser (IE) and browse
User name: root
Password: NZY11502
4). Click “Update Firmware”,and you can find the version of firmware.
5). Select ICOM-BootImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to “SYSTEM”, click “Send the file”
6). When it will say “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”, then the ICOM led it will been RED
7). When it will say “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful”, click “Update Firmware”
8). Select ICOM-Application Image-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to “APPLICATION”, click “Send the file”,the file is big so it will take some minutes to finish have patience.
9). When it will say “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”, then the ICOM led it will been RED again
10). When it is ok, click “reboot”.

New V2015.12 ICOM Software List and Functions comes the newest version BMW ICOM software HDD

Software version:
VIN: 2015.10.14
Not connected 9000 days remaining

System Requirements:
Windows 8
Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory

Support Model:
Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T410, T420, T430, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3/ I5 / I7 series)

Support Multi-language in diagnose and programming, also TIS diagram circuit: Chinese, English and German
Works together with BMW ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3.

Here’s the new function list:


BMW ICOM A3 advantages  comes the newest BMW ICOM3, here’s the details:


BMW ICOM A3 advantages compared old ICOM A2:
-Newest FW: V1.37
-BMW ICOM A3 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity.
– Robust aluminum case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments.

Note: BMW ICOM A3 V1.37 package
-BMW ICOM A3 is not package with BMW 20Pin cable, so not work with old vehicle with 20Pin connector.
-ICOM A3 is packed with fully new 500GB HDD which fit Dell and Lenovo computer, the default language available in the HDD is Chinese, English and German.

BMW ICOM A3 V1.37 OS and computer requirement:
Professional Win7 with 64bit
CPU I3 I5 I7 or above Processor
Memory at least 4GB (External hard disk need 8GB)

2015 BMW ICOM WIFI wireless connection steps

2015 BMW ICOM WIFI wireless connection steps:

Computer requirement:Almost 95% laptops on the world with Intel chip (I3/I5/I7 series) and have 4GB memory

1. Insert WIFI USB D-link into the computer via USB port


2. Turn off the computer built-in WIFI or additional WIFI resources. Make sure only BMW ICOM WIFI USB exist on the computer. Meanwhile, disable both Internet network and local area connection.
3. Then power on computer.
4. Open “Network Connections” program to check there is no other existing Internet and Local Area connection.

NOTE: Do not disable DWA-131 which is the ICOM WIFI USB. If it displays “X” mark, ignore it.
5. Run BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P software, tick “WIFI for ICOM”


6. Now connect your ICOM firmware with your car. Wait for 20-60 second, then you will see the light on the ICOM main unit will flash slowly or do not flash which means the good communication is built between the USB WIFI and ICOM A2 WIFI.


7. Start using diagnostic or programming software. Click “OK” to accept the system prompt


8. The ICOM Rheingold main interface can not be closed, but only be minimized.


9. ICOM software will detect and recognize ICOM firmware.