JLR Jaguar& Landrover In-car phone can be heard outside issue solution

JLR Jaguar& Landrover Vehicle model:
Land Rover Discovery 4/LR4
Vehicle identification number (VIN): A510178-A559776

Diagnostic equipment:
JLR mangoose Pro SDD/IDS V142 OBDⅡdiagnostic tool for Jaguar & Land Rover

Diagnosis symptom:
In-car telephone conversation can be heard outside the vehicle

Diagnosis Analysis:
Not Logic 7 Amplifier software error


1) JLR SDD Pro must be loaded SDD-DVD123_ V7.05 and calibration file 52 or higher version. Disable any other electronic equipments running current with JLR Mangoose SDD diagnostic interface.

2) Connect Midtronic storage battery (power supply) with vehicle

3) When JLR SDD OEM diagnostic cable is well connected with vehicle, the system will automatically read the Vehicle identification number (VIN) and then confirm it. Start diagnostic procedures.

4) Select “Diagnosis Session Type” (Diagnostic type) in the menu

5) Select “Symptoms”

6) Select either “Electrical, Information and entertainmentsystem,Telephonesystem or “Electrical,Information and entertainment system,Entertainment system, Audio” option

7) Select “Recommendations” tab

8) Run “Configure existing module-Audio amplifier module” (configured with existing audio amplifier module), then follow the system prompts.

9) Select “Session” when complete previous procedures

10) Select “Close Session” icon

11) Exit the SDD diagnostic software program

12) Disconnect JLR SDD Pro and storage battery from vehicle. 

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