How Remove BMW Body Anti-theft System

As we all know, most of the BMW cars with journey control unit have Body anti-theft system. When the driver leaves, he just fills in the passwords that he set, and the car will prevent from stealing effectively.

1 How to set BMW body anti-theft system?
Place the ignition switch to position 1. On the audio screen, use NO.0 to No.9 button to fill in 4-digit password, click “SET” button. Finally, turn the ignition switch to position 0.

2 How to remove BMW body anti-theft system?

Step1: Place the ignition switch to position I or II ( ACC or ON), “CODE—-”will appear on the audio screen.

Step2: Fill in the correct password.

Step3: Click “SET”.

Attention: The alarm will ring for 30s, if you fill in the wrong password for three times, or you attempt to start up the engine for three times when you haven’t fill in the password. If you want to abolish the password you set before, there are some steps you should do.

(1) Cut off battery cables, connect them after 2s, and the alarm rings

(2) Place the ignition switch to I, the audio screen begins to count down for 10 min
(3) Start the engine after 10 min.