VPECKER Easydiag VS X431 5C Pro VS Carcare C68 VS Multidiag Pro+


Item No VPECKER Easydiag Launch X431 5C Pro Carecar C68 Multidiag Pro+
Italian, Chinese (Simplified), English,
Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German,
Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese,
Polish,Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Korean,
Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian,
Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish,
Swedish, Romanian, Bosnian
English, Spanish, Arabic,
French, Korean, Japanese,
German, Russian
English, French,
Spanish and Arabic
English, Spanish, French,
Italian, Portuguese, Czech,
Dansk, German, Turkish,
Greek, Dutch, Hungarian,
Norwegian, Polish, Romanian,
 Russian, Serbian,
Swedish, and so on.
Quality  Original Original Original Clone
Bluetooth/WIFI WIFI WIFI/Bluetooth No Bluetooth
Update Update online Update online Update online Update via CD
Vehicle coverage 78 Car brands only Cars only 60 Car brands Till Year 2013 Cars & trucks till 2014
Basic diagnostic,Special functions,
Key programming, Oil change,
Idle speed learning, Idle speed Adjustment,
Ignition timing adjustment,
Camshaft timing control learning,
Maintenance functions, ECU Initial startup,
ECU initialization, etc
Basic diagnostic
(Quick Test, Read ECU Info.,
Read DTCs, Erase DTCs,
Clear learning value,
Data Stream, Actuations,
Read freeze frame data,
Read/Write VIN, etc)
Basic diagnostic
Special functions, e,g ,
Resets Oil Service Light,
Service mileage and
service intervals,
Replaces and recalibrates brake
pads safely etc
Basic diagnostic
(Quick Test, Read ECU Info.,
Read DTCs, Erase DTCs,
Clear learning value, Data Stream,
Actuations, Read freeze frame data,
Read/Write VIN, )
O/S PC: Win XP–Win 10 Android Tablet Hand-held, stand-lone PC: Win XP/Win 7
User Technician/DIYer Technician DIYer Technician/DIYer


How to install Volvo vida dice on Window 7 computer?

The file pointed by red arrows is the “Volvo dice software”. And the “TXT file” is the installation instruction. And the detailed steps are as follows:


1. Run the CD-ROM, select the languages: (e.g. English-Great Britain) and wait till the setup process finishes, and then restart the computer.

2. After restart the support icon will appear (VIDA Status: Running)

3. Operate the patch: VIDA2012D_patch\VIDA2012D.exe (remark: don’t change the path. Leave the “C:\” value).

4. Start “VIDA All-In-One”.

After installing a Windows XP VM and VIDA/DICE software, it would not too hard to use. The user interface is quiet clear and you can kind of figure out where to go and what to do.

One thing that is very nice about a VM/XP installation is that it is kind of like a virtual computer that is independent from the rest of the computer. So interference with other software will not exist. It is kind of like making a dedicated computer (be it virtual) for your VIDA/DICE software. If you are not too familiar with VM, probably check with any friend that knows.

Key Pro M8 MVP Pro Tips

ESobdii.com supplies the clone MVP Key pro Key pro m8 automotive key programmer with high quality (PCB screenshots below are the proof) and tokens with absolutely cheap price. If you mind following very important tips, they will help you using the m8 key pro properly.


Top 13 Tips:
1. Key pro m8 comes with 1 year warranty guarantee.

2. Please connect one dongle when start machine, but please DO NOT use Dongle B, this one can not start the device. No need to register/update M8 when get the machine. You can directly use it to program keys.

3. The key pro m8 comes with tokens as well as the original MVP pro. This is no token unlimited version. When the tokens is used up, you need to charge toke

4. Not all car models need tokens. The screen will prompt how many tokens are required if tokens are needed.

5. Key pro m8 will calculate pin code for some models, but not all models, you need pin code tool e.g VPC-100 pin code calculator to get the pin code.

6. M8 key pro cannot program some Lexus cars whose keys with 4C chip and Toyota H chip.

7. The Key Pro M8 is supplied with all available software (All Makes & Models) FREE. We will provide software free update online in one year.

8. Key pro m8 update software can only be installed on Windows XP without any anti-virus software program.

9. If you need to calibrate the screen, use the round button on the bottom left corner of screen.

10. If the M8 keeps saying communication between the programmer and the vehicle failed. The key pro m8 will not work on your model or model year, please connect customer service first.

11. If you enter wrong passcode in 3 times and m8 is locked. Please send us serial number, password and the code on the locked screen, then our engineer to unlock it for you.

12. Our clone M8 has English language only.